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Maintaining your Shoes & Luggage

Always polish shoes after use. Polish nourishes the leather from cracking and drying out. Place wood shoe trees in the shoes after use, thus retaining the shape and removing moisture. Shoes should not be a tight fit, just a sufficient tension to hold on shoes without stretching at top of heel. Try not to wear the same pair of shoes on consecutive days. The life of your shoes can be greatly extended if they are rested between use. If you wear suede or nubuck shoes, brush them regularly. The...

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Suede & Leather Care Advice

Protect the collar area from perspiration and body oils with a scarf or high collar Suede and sheepskin can benefit from a stiff brush after wear to remove surface dirt and keep the nap free. Leather needs wiping with a damp cloth to remove surface dirt. When dry apply a special leather polish. A small stain on suede may be removed with a hard Indian rubber using a gentle circular motion. If wet, hang to dry, away from direct heat. Store under a clean cotton cover, never near plastic. The...

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Linen Care Advice

Regular and careful laundering of linen is essential to preserve its colour. Never store used linen. Never store starched linen. The starch will discolour turning your linen yellow. Always keep linen in well ventilated cupboards first covering the shelves with acid free tissue paper. Our linen will always be returned in such paper which you can use for this purpose. Folded linen should always be kept away from direct sunlight. The latter will fade and discolour the fabrics along the fold li...

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Home Delivery Service

Thank you for your inquiry on our home delivery service. Please find below some useful information.

  • Minimum order is SGD40. The delivery is free of additional charge – however the order must be at least SGD40 + GST. We appreciate that you might not know in advance precisely how much your cleaning charges will be however if you are comfortable with a minimum charge of SGD40 we are happy to collect.
  • Delivery and collection times. We are happy to deliver and collect on the day of you choosing 7 days a week. Monday through Saturdays we deliver from 9am to 10pm. Sundays we deliver between 10am and 6pm. We can try an accommodate a "delivery window" for you but unfortunately we unable to provide specific times as routes are dynamic and traffic conditions vary. We will always try and call you prior to coming to your house. If we are unable to reach you we will arrange for delivery or collection the following day.
  • Prices. Many of the items are cleaned at the base price. We do however charge extra for things such as silk, difficult pressing (i.e. multiple layers, complicated design etc), ornaments, difficult and time consuming stains, leather and fur trim etc.
  • Your detailed invoice. After your garments are collected by our driver we will send you an invoice by email –normally within 48 hours of collection. Your invoice will provide you with a detailed accounting of your articles as well as the total amount due.
  • Payment. Payment is made by credit card which we keep on file in an encrypted server in the United States. We will call after receiving your delivery request via our website and collect your credit card details. Your card will be billed prior to our returning your garments. A copy of the charge slip will be sent together with your clothes.
  • Timing. Our standard timing for home delivery is 7 days and we return your garments the same day the following week. This works for most customers, especially customers that send in an order weekly. If however you need your garments returned more quickly we can try and accommodate this. Our customer service team is happy to discuss this with you and see how we can best be of service. 
  • On demand or weekly? Many of our clients simply want us to show up the same day every week. Other clients would prefer that we come on an as needed basis. Just let us know what suits you.
  • How do I book a collection? It’s perhaps easiest to do online at We will respond within 24 hours. Alternatively you can call our offices at 6264-5628


Home delivery does not suit everybody for various reasons. We have three lovely shops (and lovely people staffing them!) strategically located that you can visit. Details are available on the web page. All have easy access:

    • River Valley Road – curb side parking
    • Bukit Timah – easy parking at Cluny Court (spaces normally easy to get)
    • East Coast – dedicated parking lot. Just call our shop at 6245-7179 a minute before you arrive and we will open the electric gate

We would add that there are benefits to visiting a shop. The invoice is calculated immediately, thorough inspections happen in your presence and of course no minimum order value.